McInnis still pushing CWD legislation


Congressman Scott McInnis continues to push his legislation that would provide more federal funding to combat chronic wasting disease, while keeping the authority of dealing with the disease in the hands of states.

McInnis announced Wednesday that the Resources Committee on Forests and Forest Health would hold a legislative hearing next week on "The Chronic Wasting Disease Support for States Act."

The legislation would authorize $24 million to combat the spread of the disease fatal in mule deer and elk.

The disease was first discovered in Northwest Colorado more than a year ago. Previously the disease was believed to only exist in Colorado in the Fort Collins area.

The spread of chronic wasting disease spurred statewide testing for the disease last hunting season. More than 20 animals in Moffat County were discovered to be infected.

McInnis' bill would provide funding to state agencies charged with researching methods to diagnose and control the spread of the disease, and would direct the federal government to create a unified game plan that supports state decision-makers in that mission.

"This bipartisan legislation would make the federal government a more efficient, effective and comprehensive supporter of the states in their fight to contain and eradicate this scourge," McInnis said in a press release.

The bill would authorize $1 million in new federal research money and $15 million to be passed through the federal government to state wildlife and agriculture agencies.

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