Who's protecting our children?


Vigilante justice isn't condoned by our justice system, nor is it legal. Preventing vigilantism is one of the many reasons our legal system was established, but when taking the matter into your own hands isn't an option and the justice system fails, victims are left feeling helpless, violated and victimized again.

When those victims are children and have not only been the target of a predator once, but are left to be a target again, our justice system has failed in a very basic precept and in one of its fundamental responsibilities.

When the justice system fails to protect people, who does?

Former Craig resident Grant Taylor molested a child. The child knew Taylor as a leader, a trusted adult and a mentor. And he was violated.

As punishment for the most heinous of all crimes, Taylor was sentenced to probation, which he violated within months by again coming into contact with children.

He is a pedifile -- one with a high risk of reoffending again and more and more intensely, according to court records which reference his psychological profile.

There are treatment programs and medications for pedifiles, but officials agree those are only short-term stop gaps -- not solutions. A pedifile will always have the desire to molest children and when our justice system allows a known pedifile to walk free and gives that person the opportunity to prey upon one more child, it is a travesty of justice -- one that should have never happened and one that did happen right in our backyard.

Taylor was again sentenced to probation, but the upside, one person said, is that he'll be moved to Kentucky.

Our children may be safe, but will those in Kentucky?

Taylor should have gotten treatment for pedofilia, but it should've been done in prison, not on the streets where when his next probation violation is discovered, it may be too late for one innocent child.

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