Out-of-state workers should pay for the benefits they receive


To the Editor:

In response to the letter "Vehicle registration is unfair to out-of-state workers:" If you work in any other state, you are required to register your vehicle within 10 days of employment. You, the out-of-staters, were not asked to come her to work. You forced your way in by undercutting the wages and standards of the craftsmen and craftswomen who live in Colorado. All three of the power plant units were built with Colorado residents and there are enough crafts people here to build, finish and maintain the work.

How can you spend $3,000 a week in Craig when you don't even make a third of that? Most of the out-of-state workers are living three to four men and apartment and sending their checks home to their wives and kids in other states.

You need to work on your math skills. Maybe 30 percent of your income is spent here. The residents of Colorado spend 100 percent of their income in Colorado. Why do you believe that you should use our hospitals, schools, highways, parks, rivers, libraries, etc., for free? We pay for them.

It costs approximately $250 to $500 to register your vehicle in Colorado. If you do not which to help maintain the standard of living in Colorado, go home.

Mathew D. Burtis,

Representing 250 well-trained pipe fitters and welders in Western Colorado

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