'Civical' fitness? Get out and run


The Moffat County School District is gearing up for school board elections in November.

With four seats up for grabs, all that is needed now are candidates.

Members of the school board are not compensated for the efforts monetarily and sometimes are put in the inevitable position of making some tough decisions.

But, as with any other government entity, such as the city council and county commission, the school board plays a vital role in the community.

School board members make crucial decisions regarding what programs will be funded, how curriculum will be shaped, what standards will be emphasized and how those standards will be emphasized.

Education plays a large part in setting the tone for the rest of our lives and the school board plays a critical role in the education experience.

There also is an educational experience to be gained by those who run for school board.

Too many times we express too many complaints about "the lack of qualified candidates" when we ourselves do not take up the challenge and run for office.

It's a lesson in civics and those who take that test might find the experience so rewarding that they might want to run for other public offices in the future.

The right to vote for whom you choose is nullified if voters don't have a choice.

We encourage residents who are thinking about seeking public office to take the plunge. Show your civical fitness -- get out and run.

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