Four seats open for district election


The Moffat County School District will start the process for finding new directors for its board at a Thursday meeting.

Four positions on the seven-member board are up for the Nov. 4 election. Those openings are in districts 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Incumbent school board director Steve Hafey, who's running again for District 3, said serving the district for the last four years has given him a "sense of satisfaction."

"It's the reason you do this," he said. "Sometimes (the job) gets controversial but every person brings in their own energy and critical thinking."

School board directors who don't plan on running in the fall include the board's president, Phil Hastings, of District 1, John Kincaid of District 7 and Jerry Magis of District 5.

Terms for members Gary Ellgen of District 2, John Wellman of District 4 and Rod Durham of District 6 go up for a vote in November 2004.

Candidates may pick up election packets Aug. 6 by contacting Vicki Duncan at the office of the superintendent. Candidates must be registered voters, have 12 months residency in the district they are wishing to represent and offer a petition of support with 50 signatures.

With four seats open next fall, Hafey said he hopes the job gains more interest. The non-paid position is a commitment to the school district that seems to be hard to fill in some communities, he said.

Hafey estimates he spends about five to six hours a week preparing for meetings and more on time spent attending the public gathering.

"You need to be dedicated," he said. "I do it because it makes me feel like I'm bringing something to the table."

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