A lesson in community support


The Moffat County school board at its meeting Monday night decided against providing The Memorial Hospital with a letter of support for a new hospital because it wasn't "an issue for the board of education."

We believe this is a narrow-minded, short-sighted move that neglects the board members' obligation as community leaders.

A health community has everything to do with a healthy educational environment and that should have been clear to the board.

If the hospital is not an educational issue, we probably do not need doctors to offer discounted physicals to student athletes. And a recent tour of the hospital by Moffat County students is inconsequential because it's just not an educational issue, right?

While the decision of where a new hospital should be built may still be open to debate, no one can argue that Moffat County needs a new facility to replace the current one that was constructed in the 1950s.

But, in order to get funding through U.S. Housing and Urban Development, TMH needs letters of support from various entities, including the Craig City Council, the Moffat County Commission and the Moffat County Board of Education.

The hospital has received a letter of support from the commission.

The school board could have tabled the issue and continued to review the wording of the letter.

We strongly urge them to revisit this issue.

Some school board members expressed concern about this possibly controversial issue coming back to haunt them in the future should they extend their support.

Those ghosts may come sooner than they think when the school district is looking for support on bond issues, funding for an athletic weight room or other items that will take community support.

If other entities also take a narrow view, than "educational issues," might not rank too high on their priorities.

A community is built on its residents, its schools, its hospitals and its public servants. If they all don't support each other as much as they can, than the community as a whole will be left incomplete.

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