Commissioners need to find alternatives to paying an EMT


To the Editor:

The article the Craig Daily Press ran on Jan. 13 about the EMS coordinator's position brings up some interesting points.

Information in Sheriff Grinstead's proposal identifies problems other than EMS, as well as providing another EMT in Maybell, that could be solved by hiring an additional deputy. I guess we will have to wait for a fatal fire before the commissioners will be proactive about the fire problem.

It's no surprise that the sheriff's proposal wasn't considered. The EMS Council was opposed to hiring a coordinator and their opinion fell on deaf ears as well. A paramedic from Dillon offered to help solve some of the county's EMS issues, for free, and he was ignored. It seems pretty obvious that the commissioners were not interested in listening to anyone with experience in emergency services.

In the final analysis the commissioners accomplished what they set out to do. It's unfortunate that they didn't solve the problem of coverage in Maybell. In any totally volunteer system placing a paid person into the system, especially in charge, poisons the well.

Albert Sabbagh,


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