Board to consider TMH letter

Superintendent says support would be for 'the better of community'


The Moffat County Board of Education will decide Monday if it wants to write a letter of support for The Memorial Hospital to construct a new facility in Craig.

The board was approached by TMH officials and hospital board members last month asking for a letter of support written on the school board's behalf to the federal Housing and Urban Development Committee, which hospital officials hope will provide financial backing for construction of a new facility.

At that meeting, some board members asked if it was the school board's job to involve itself in issues outside of the area of education.

"As a board of education, why should we get involved?" board President Phil Hastings asked. "I'm not sure if that would be a function of the board of education."

Superintendent Pete Bergmann said Thursday he understood the concern of some board members but said he thought certain situations require the board to look beyond the area of education.

"I wouldn't want the school board to get involved in all kinds of issues not related to school, but we need to be a team player in a small community," he said. "This is for the better of the community.

"I encouraged them to seriously consider the request. I think they will."

So far, nine local agencies have provided The Memorial Hospital with letters of support for its endeavor.

The Craig City Council was asked to write a letter and was willing to do so, with the stipulation that wording was added stating the city did support a new hospital, but not at the proposed location.

TMH officials had planned to build a new hospital at the site where TMH currently sits.

But TMH board members, listening to concerns expressed by local residents in public meetings, agreed to investigate other sites.

Despite the new approach taken by TMH, the city council has yet to consider approving a letter of support in a public meeting.

TMH Administrator Randy Phelps explained why it is important that local agencies agree to a letter.

"We're trying to show there's community support," he said. "Especially amongst community leaders and community members elected to office. In a community

of our size there are always relationships between different agencies working together to make

this community the best that it can be."

The Moffat County Board of Education will hold two meetings Monday with one at 4 p.m. and one at 6:30 p.m.

At 4 p.m. the board will:

  • Hold a public hearing on the Dinosaur School Improvement Plan.
  • Discuss the literacy curriculum.
  • Discuss the school district's Internet connection status, including consideration of signing a three-year contract with NC Telecom, with a stipulation that if the company does not have service to the district by July 1, it will continue business with its current provider, Qwest.
  • Hear a district goals report.
  • Discuss student distribution of non-curricular materials.

At 6:30 p.m. the board will:

  • Hold a "Let's Listen" session in which community members can discuss school district concerns with the board.
  • Consider adoption of the Dinosaur School Improvement Plan.
  • Consider first reading of the distribution of non-curricular materials in the public schools policy.
  • Consider compensation guides and contracts policy.
  • Consider overtime and supplementary services policy.

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