Moffat County doesn't need an EMS coordinator


To the Editor:

According to my resources, the ambulance service in Craig has never been opposed to Maybell having a full-time EMT.

The opposition has come from naming that position as the EMS coordinator for Moffat County. That position requires that individual to attend meetings in Craig, Meeker to Denver and anywhere else that has any pertinent information for Moffat County EMS. This does not satisfy the objective of having a full-time EMT in Maybell. The Maybell service is a valuable service for Maybell region residents and should remain in operation, but Maybell should not be placed on a throne at the expense of any other ambulance service (Craig, Rangely, Vernal, or Rock Springs).

All services should have ONLY one goal and that is to provide the best care for the patient. There is no ambulance service that is better than the other. It's true that some services have higher trained EMTs on their staff, but that is because each service chooses the level of care they want to provide for their patients.

The Craig ambulance service could handle Maybell's call volume in an emergency, if they happen to have inadequate staff. The proposed idea was to place a crew and ambulance in Maybell to prevent longer response times. In an emergency, people should not have to wait for an ambulance that is responding from another town. This proposal would only be necessary if Maybell did not have any available EMTs to cover their community. They are not trying to replace the current service, but having a good back-up plan is a good idea.

People writing to the press stating that the Craig EMS would not be able to find a location in the Maybell area is ludicrous. There are numerous ways to locate any patient that needs to be found. EMS providers should be up to date on technology, and are fortunate to live in an era of optimal communication. Emergency providers have maps, dispatch, and deputies to help locate a patient. With advanced technology, Craig and Maybell Ambulance have been able to find any location without delay. Each service does use the same system, so to say these remarks they must include themselves.

I'm not saying that Craig EMS is better at locating a patient in that area as the Maybell ambulance, but each service should find the location of the patient.

To the commissioners, your so-called turf wars are childish. The Craig ambulance service will not participate in any so called turf wars, and if you think they do, then you don't know your own ambulance service.

Truthfully, when you call 9-1-1 do you care which ambulance arrives or do you care that an ambulance showed up? An ambulance service should only have one opinion about boundaries; patients should receive prompt and efficient service by whatever service arrives first. A patient does not care what ambulance shows up, their only concern is that an ambulance showed up in a timely manner.

It is very inconsiderate for people to state something about a service, without asking the service their point of view or opinion, and then accuse them of something or presume that the service will respond in a certain manner. This brings a few things to my attention, that they are not educated on the subject, or do not wish to be educated about it.

If people think that $35,000/year is "pricey" for an EMS coordinator, their wrong. It cost a lot more for a well qualified, experienced EMS coordinator, a lot more than this county could afford. Paying $35,000/year for just a full-time EMT is more than most full-time EMTs receive. This opens the door for all local and state full-time EMTs in Colorado to go to their employers and expect to get a raise.

Lastly, I have seen people are quick to judge a service that has no comment, and assumes that they are cocky and know-it-alls. If you don't know MY ambulance service or the individuals that are there now, you should stop judging us.

Richard Nichols,

Craig EMT

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