Economic development records should be open


To the Editor;
What is the big deal with the economic development partnership? What is so sensitive about the director's job description that it has to be kept secret? What is so outrageous about the budget that they don't want the media and/or the public to see? Are the organization's goals so poorly worded or indelicate that they cannot stand the light of day?
To the EDP board: Come on people. You are using my tax dollars to pay the employee to do a job. Why don't you think I have a right to know what that job is? Most of that budget is made up of my tax dollars. Why don't you think I have a right to know how you are spending it? You are using my tax dollars to accomplish those goals. Why don't you think I have the right to know what they are?
OK, so your attorney says you are protected by the letter of the law because the EDP is a private non-profit. Big deal! What about the spirit of the law? What about the spirit, the original intent of the EDP? No one is asking you to tell which companies you are negotiating with to bring business to Craig/Moffat County.
I was at some of those early organizational meetings for EDP. I still have some of the paperwork around here somewhere. Has the current board strayed so far from the original intent that you don't want a fair comparison made between those original goals and the current goals? Probably not. So, why are you making a mountain out of a molehill?
I've been at several meetings where the EDP director has outlined his duties and the EDP mission/plan. Again, I am totally baffled by what the big secret is all about three documents. Why don't you just give the nice reporter the paper work requested? Why can't we all just get along?
Sincerely Confused by What the Big Deal Is Anyway,
Charlotte Craft,

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