Maybell needs EMS coordinator, service shouldn't be sacrificed


To the Editor:

I'm writing in regards to the Maybell Ambulace and EMS Coordinator issue, which to me seems to be a great deal of unnecessary petty B.S. bickering or total ignorance about the need for this service to the western part of Moffat County.

I'm a Maybell resident as well as Browns Park. I've lived here my entire life up to date and hope to continue to live here. We cannot ask for a better volunteer ambulance service and well-trained personnel. If this service were destroyed because it will cost the $35,000 (which is a pretty low salary if one were having to support a family on this).

It was mentioned in the Craig Daily Press that it was a little "pricey." It would be in Craig, as the person hired could maybe find a second job, where in Maybell, it's a full-time position or leave town for work, which is where the problem lies now, leaving only one EMT in town during the day (who works at the restaurant and if called, she leaves the customer cooking his own hamburger and fries and goes on an ambulance run hoping to find a driver around town to help assist)

Craig says they could handle the runs if the Maybell ambulance were to "fold." That's not true. They may make the run, but may not make it in adequate time due to distance. It takes two hours to reach Browns Park as well as Dinosaur.

A deputy, if based in the western part of the county couldn't provide the ambulance service needed. What if an IV had to be given to a patient? That takes special training. So I don't believe that would be the answer either. I don't feel we have enough "outlaws" out here to keep a deputy on full time. When we would need him out here, he'd be on some mission in Craig area or the more populated portions of the county.

Would it not be best if our ambulance service came from Maybell rather than the Craig, Vernal Utah, Dutch John, Utah or Rock Springs, Wyo.?

I will give an example of an emergency situation that happened to my 70-plus-year-old mother a few years back. Her horse fell with her, dislocating her right shoulder, where the joint was protruding out under her arm pit (it had to be splinted in that position with her arm up over her head).

This happened approximately one half to three quarters of a mile from her pickup where she did happen to have her cell phone. After trying to remount her horse and not having any luck doing so, she proceeded to walk to the pickup, get the phone and call a friend in Maybell who contracted the Maybell ambulance service. She was a 1/4 mile east of Joe's cabin at the base of Douglas Mountain. Does anyone on the Craig EMT team know where this is? No!

There are no addresses on the sage brush out there. But thanks to the Maybell ambulance team and our family members that helped, they knew where to go find her and were able to drive the ambulance in to where my mother was waiting. Approximately three hours later she was at The Memorial Hospital in Craig where I met them. Is this not good proof that this service is valuable?

I'm sorry but as a concerned tax paying citizen, I can't possibly see where this should be an issue of any kind. I feel we should welcome the fact that the Moffat County commissioners feel we have the need for such an important service to our part of the county. Not just the Maybell area, but this is vital to the whole western part of Moffat County. It doesn't just cover Highway 40 West or 318. There is a pretty vast area to be covered.

There has been many years of hard work, volunteer time, money, sweat and tears put into our Maybell ambulance service and we are proud of it. So lets quit the "childish" so called political (was mentioned, maybe?) innuendoes so to speak and get on with saving a life. It could be your family member or even yourself. We need to pull together and who knows? It just might work.

Dawn Nottingham,


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