Handicapped spaces are for the handicapped -- visibly or not


To the Editor:

My wife and I were at Safeway. I pulled into the handicap parking, because I am handicapped.

A lady walked by and stared at me like, "what are you doing parking there?"

The lady went into Safeway and complained to the manager. She said I didn't look handicapped.

I had a handicap sticker in my window. Just because I am not sucking oxygen or in a wheel chair, I'm not considered handicapped.

I see people everyday parked in handicapped parking places who are not handicapped. It is people like you, who are nosey and try to cause problems. That's what is wrong with this world. Why didn't you come to me when you saw me park in the handicapped parking space and ask me?

I see a lot of illegal stuff going on out there, but there's nothing I can do.

Earnest C. Day,


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