County to test new 911 system


Moffat County's emergency manager might be calling residents at home next week.

Expect the telephone call early Thursday afternoon, as Moffat County rolls out its new emergency notification system.

"People will hear a recording of my lovely voice," Anderson said.

The message will be a notification of the first test of a reverse 911 system. Under an agreement with Qwest for services, Moffat, Routt, Grand and Rio Blanco counties will get one free test of the system designed to notify residents

during emergencies.

Those scenarios are not limited to disasters, but could also include neighborhood crime or the search of a specific area for missing persons, Anderson said.

The number of test calls hasn't been determined, but they won't exceed 240 homes. Some 1,100 calls can be sent at one time by the system.

Moffat County can expect the calls between 1-1:30 p.m. Jan. 16.

Anderson said the system is tentatively planned to call homes between Craig's Third and Seventh streets and Breeze and Russell streets.

Routt, Rio Blanco and Grand counties also will receive calls that same day, he said.

The four counties involved split the cost of $33,069 for the service, which will be dispatched out of the Moffat County Public Safety Center.

Taxpayers foot the bill with .50 cent per-phone-line surcharges for 911 service that appear on monthly phone bills.

Each county would be billed .23 cents per successful notification at a home -- which could include leaving a message on a machine, Anderson said.

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