A Pandora's Box at public schools


Later this month, the Moffat County School District will review its policies regarding the distribution of printed materials, including those of a religious nature, on school grounds.

Currently, people who want to distribute materials for commercial purposes are not allowed to do so. And religious materials, under the current policy, are banned in public schools.

A revamped policy would allow the superintendent to choose whether this information could be distributed in schools based on the "educational value" of the material.

It would also allow religious materials to be distributed at school, the banning of which has been found unconstitutional.

We certainly agree that public schools should be a "limited open forum" as specified by the Federal Equal Access Act, the primary goal of education should not be placed on the back burner. Whatever materials are allowed to be distributed at schools should be closely scrutinized by the district superintendent, which is a provision under the proposed policy change.

We believe that this issue, if taken lightly, could set a sticky precedent from which it might be hard to back out.

While freedom of speech is held dear, we believe not all speech is appropriate for public schools

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