A healthy discussion regarding a hospital


Some public officials after getting to office often develop a condescending "who's-the-doctor?", "if-it-wasn't-for-the-public-we-could-get-some-work-done" attitude.

So it is refreshing that the board of trustees of The Memorial Hospital listened to area residents when they expressed concerns about building a new facility at the site of the current hospital.

The board took a bold step in saying that it would open the floor to discussions of other sites and asked for land proposals that were due this week.

And what is encouraging is that the meetings and the dialogue continue.

While we can have healthy debates over where to construct a new facility, we feel that no one can argue that we do need a new hospital to replace the old one.

But it took about 50 years to come up with the notion that we do need a new hospital so we believe we should take some time to figure out exactly what sort of hospital we want, what it will feature, how much it will cost and certainly where it will be located.

We are positive that once these details are worked out through this dialogue with the community, plans for a new hospital will be drawn up that most, if not all, would support.

We certainly plan on lending our support for such an effort.

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