The real emergency is a failure to plan


When the Moffat County Commission decided it would allow only six days in which people could apply for an EMS coordinator for western Moffat County, were they really searching for a legitimate pool of candidates in which to choose from?

The county has received one application from Karen Burly, the Maybell Ambulance Service president, and while no one could question her qualifications to fill the position, one has to wonder if the county is going about solving the problem in the best way possible.

Commissioners have disregarded the opinions of the county's Emergency Medical Council, the job description for the coordinator is still under construction and they want to make the hire on Jan. 13 -- the day before a new county commissioner will be sworn in.

We are concerned they may be rushing this decision and may not have thought this plan all the way through. Is emergency medical service critical for Maybell and Dinosaur?

Of course it is.

And that is all the more reason why the county commission is obligated to use the resources it has to come up with solid solutions for the well being of those residents.

In the midst of credible opposition, shouldn't the commissioners slow down and consider that there may be other viable, and possibly less expensive, alternatives?

It's easy to make mistakes when decisions are made in haste.

Let this not be one.

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