A giant step in Dinosaur


As the number of students continues to dwindle at Dinosaur Elementary School, officials have been forced to look at its continued viability in Moffat County.

The Moffat County School Board discussed the future of the school at a meeting this week and the possibility of closure.

If projections are accurate, staff will have to be cut from the school next year, including a teacher and secretary, because of the declining numbers of students. The school will face this deficit at the same time it faces an unsatisfactory grade it received from the state for its Colorado Student Assessment Program this year.

After attending Dinosaur Elementary School, students are bused to schools in Rangely. Some parents in Dinosaur already have opted to send students to Rangely even though those students are still of elementary school age.

The Moffat County School Board is faced with a tough decision as to whether to continue expending resources in Dinosaur where students ultimately will wind up in a different school district any way. At the same time, however, schools are often seen as a key cornerstone of a town -- one that makes a community able to call itself a "community."

We urge the school board to continue dialogue and meet with the residents of Dinosaur before deciding one way or the other.

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