Get up and run


While most residents cherish the right to vote, if you don't have choices in candidates, it certainly diminishes the privilege.

Such could be the case in the upcoming elections for the Craig City Council.

The deadline for applying for candidacy for the four council seats and the mayor's position is 5 p.m. Friday but, as of Tuesday, only two people had turned in applications.

While voting certainly is among the highest priorities when it comes to civic obligations, running for office, especially on the local level, is as important.

The city council oversees a multitude of issues that impact the every day lives of those who live in Craig.

These issues include how taxes are spent on services, how much residents pay for city utilities, where growth in the city occurs, and what laws will be on the city's books.

Too many people voice complaints over public policy well after elections are said and done.

We believe that if those people really want change, they should step up to the plate and run for office.

The beauty of living in a small community is that the opportunity for civic duty is great and individuals can make a significant impact toward the betterment of our town.

Obviously the matter of choice can have a direct impact on voter turn-out, which has historically been embarrassingly low.

We commend those incumbents who plan on renewing their commitment to community leadership and encourage more residents to get involved in the democratic process.

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