New construction shouldn't occur on haz mat routes


To the Editor:

Several years ago a group of concerned citizens held a meeting in Craig about trucks running through downtown. It was said they were dangerous, noisy and dirty. So, most trucks were diverted around town.

Hazardous material signs were put up on First Street to direct trucks east and west. The north bypass is also the route for north/south hazardous materials. Undoubtedly hazardous materials travel these routes on a daily basis.

Now, it seems some in the community think we should build on the route. We have a new safety center, a proposed college, maybe a recreation center and, strangest of all, a new hospital proposal -- all right on the routes of these dangerous noisy, dirty, smoke-belching, hazardous material carriers.

Maybe the new hospital should stay where it is.

Truck Lover,

Duane "Cris" Criswell,


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