Moffat County drama unfolds


To the actress on the stage in the unfolding play, I can see your disappointment in my performance when I didn't follow the script. You think my recital is of a personal nature, yet the real reason is that I am bound by a higher power to seek truth and justice. There isn't a vendetta, as there is not hate in my heart or thought of vengeance that drives me in the course of life ...

In this drama, like all dramas throughout our lives, each must choose a character to play, a villain, if you will, or a man or woman of honor. Some will have their glory upon the rostrum and others seek anonymity as the audience, but each defines their character and their level of participation. To some this theatrical production is a comedy, to others, a tragedy, yet in this instance it-s defined by the final Act.

I am bound by a sense of honor to my country and fellow mankind to expose injustice and to speak to those who will listen of wrongs caused by one upon another or the few against the many. Would you ask anything less from a red-blooded American citizen who loves his country? There are great wrongs here, but, no greater wrong than people headed down a road to find that it was the wrong way and not being humble enough to start anew at the fork in the road in a different direction.

They say that very black, blackbirds are not tasty beasts, however sometimes their nourishment is necessary for political survival. Just as a compassionate person doesn-t want to see an animal in pain, so to it is with a person bloodied by his or her own hand. The audience is waiting, wanting to forgive, looking for the show of humbleness that will allow them to forgive.

You are the playwright, and the pen is in your hand to write the last Act. If the script is not to the audience's liking, I-m sure they will recall all that you have said and done. Will you fall upon your own sword, or do you extend the olive branch of humility and respect the concerns of the citizenry?

The end.

Ken Swinehart,

Colorado Springs

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