Who is Jeff Taylor?


To the Editor:

In the Daily Press Feb. 4, I read in the letters section a note to the editor by a character who calls himself Jeff Taylor from Palm Desert, Calif.

It seems that Jeff has a burr under his saddle over some issues here in Moffat County, some 20 or so hours drive away from Palm Desert. If Jeff wants to shoot and spout opinions about our elected officials, then I think he should do it from Moffat County and not from California.

I have lived in Craig for the past 20 years, year round through all three seasons ( winter, mud and dust) and I have voted in ALL of the elections in the past 20 years.

Finding fault with the people who give to the community as elected officials comes natural to those who didn't vote for those currently in office. Having a difference of opinion is OK, if that opinion is based on fact and knowledge; but not credible if it is based strictly on emotion.

When somebody is put into office they are new. You wouldn't expect to fry an egg in a new cast iron frying pan would you? NO, YOU would first season it and allow it to become hardened, and only then can you fry that egg.

Well, that's just what a new commissioner is: NEW!

Give them some time to learn how things work. We need seasoned people to show and lead. I would hate to think what we would have if all the officials were new in the same year. Some say that one of the commissioners' hat can't fit on his head these days. Well maybe something as simple as a haircut and a tug on the reins may fix that.

Why recall somebody with less than two years left in office? A recall at this time would put us in a hell of a mess ....

Jeff, there is something that you don't know about the people of this fine community. When I was involved in the recall of most of the city council, I found about the passion that is in this community for the community.

Many times I was stopped on main street and cussed and sometimes complemented for what I was doing but I was on main street, not in California.

Many times I have had a difference of opinion with elected officials, but I always said what I wanted them to hear and never made my self unavailable. So I am

saying to you Jeff come on down to main street if you have something to say.

Don't be a sissy and send a letter from California, come here and say it.

Bernie Rose,


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