The lawsuit waiting to happen


Those who work for Moffat County, whether it be for the county commissioners or

any other elected official,

should be treated equally

and have equal access to due process.

We believe that the commissioners must move quickly to ensure that the county Human Resources Department is available to all those who work for the county government.

Clerk and Recorder Elaine Sullivan, who has seen both sides of the elected official/employee fence, brought the issue up before county commissioners Monday.

While the majority of county employees have access to the department, about 20 employees do not.

It will only take one lawsuit, however, to do significant damage to county finances and employee morale.

A lawsuit that we believe is entirely preventable.

In an organization as

complex as county government, employees have a right to due process when it comes to grievances.

We believe all elected officials have an obligation to those who voted for them and those who work for them to come up with a solution as soon as


When Commissioner Les Hampton asked Monday if elected officials could be setting the county up for a lawsuit, we believe the answer is "yes."

And it is not a matter of "if"

but "when."

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