Craig resident finds cutting hair shear delight


It's about making people look and feel good, Lisa Davis said of her 20 years of sculpting hair in Craig.

"I was born to do this," she said. "This is the best way I know to help people."

Davis, who owns Hair Shak on Yampa Avenue, said getting her own shop was one of the best changes in her career. She said she rented space in salons for almost 17 years and made a spur-of-the-moment decision to start her own shop when the opportunity presented itself.

"People were knocking down the doors to find me," she said.

Davis' best friend, Ronda James, said Davis is more than a hairdresser to anyone who visits her shop -- she also is a terrific friend.

"They talk to her like it is nothing -- you don't even know you are getting your haircut," she said.

She said Davis is sweet, giving and not judgmental of other people.

James said she went to high school with Davis in Moffat County but did not become friends with her until a few years ago.

James said she and Davis enjoy playing bingo and searching for new Beanie Babies to add to their collection.

"She can be friends with anybody," James said. She said Davis has been there for her through thick and thin. When James was hospitalized, Davis came every day and fixed her hair. James said she was hospitalized during the week of Davis' wedding and was determined to make it to the ceremony.

She said she never made it to the ceremony but was there in spirit.

"She saved me a piece of cake," James said.

Another characteristic of Davis' friendship is reflected in her honesty.

"She'll let me know what I'm doing wrong. She just tells you down right," she said.

Although Davis loves to cut hair, she admits that she has had to work hard to make a living.

She said her husband, Scott, was injured for a couple of years, leaving her with the financial responsibility of providing for the family.

Davis works six days a week and says she caters to her clients, working more if necessary.

Davis has one daughter, 17, and a son who is in his first year of college.

She said she moved with her parents to Craig in 1978 as a 16-year-old. She and her family moved to the area because her father got a job at the Hayden power plant.

Davis grew up in a family of five children. She said having a large family had its challenges but the family remains close.

Davis said as a high school student in Craig she loved music and had "tons and tons of great times at the drive-in."

She said one of the most memorable experiences was watching "The Exorcist" with a group of her friends. She said the boys would act like they needed to go get something to drink when the movie was getting too scary and tried to scare them when they returned to the car.

As a young adult, she said, she spent a lot of time fishing with her family at Elkhead Reservoir.

"We fished like nobody's business," she said.

Even now, she said, she and her husband spend many summer evenings fishing from their boat on the reservoir.

Sometimes, she said, she will spend the night on the boat after a long day of fishing.

"Elkhead is one of the neatest things Craig has," she said.

Davis said leaving for hairdressing school a couple of years after moving to Craig was one of the hardest steps in her life.

She said her mom was her guinea pig throughout her school


"One time I cut her hair so short I couldn't even roll it," Davis said.

She said living in Craig has given her much of her confidence.

"The people in Craig have always accepted me and looked out after me," she said.

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