Stopping the waste at the landfill


With a net loss of more than $5,000 in almost a year in an attempt to keep the landfill open on Sundays, the Moffat County Board of Commissioners is right to reconsider what has become a wasted effort.

Concern over the issue was raised last March when the commission decided it would keep the facility open on Sundays on a trial basis.

With an average of about 30 customers on Sundays, it is clear that this is one expense that taxpayers should not be saddled with.

As pointed out by county officials, closing the landfill on Sundays would boost business on Saturdays, another day that could use a boost in customer visits.

There are those who might argue that keeping the landfill open on Sundays is a matter of convenience for area residents. But those residents don't appear to be taking advantage of such conveniences.

As with most issues that face local governments, careful consideration must be taken as far as what gets cut and what gets added as far as public services.

Clearly the county commission, relying on the resources of their employees, took the time to study this issue and are going in the right direction.

We applaud the commission in its attempt to stop this needless expenditure and hope it continues to look at other issues in such a methodical manner.

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