Commissioner faked ignorance of Jail needs


To the Editor:

On Friday, Jan 31, the Craig Daily Press ran an excellent piece on the long-awaited video-link between the jail and the courts to be used for prisoner arraignments.

Over years of planning and construction, a video-link between the jail and courthouse was approved by all involved including the "iron skirt" of planning and construction, commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos. It's blatantly dishonest for Raftopoulos to mislead CDP readers on Friday and claim ignorance of the video-link until December 2002. Raftopoulos is the self appointed "gateway" to all broadband communications for county facilities. She knows all and must expressly approve everything to the smallest detail.

The Commissioners (BOCC) control the NC Telecom Services Agreement. NCT had the video-link service order in their hands for years, delayed it, and the BOCC approved the delays in November 2001 by issuing a change order that "forgave" NCT for all delays to date. That change order insured the financial success of NCT and guaranteed no embarrassment to the BOCC by an NCT failure to deliver within previously set time constraints and/or bankruptcy.

FYI: the total hardware cost for a state-of-the-art "secure wireless" data link (suitable for any video) is really only about $900 for both ends, one day to install both, and no monthly recurring charges. I should know ... I installed about 50 of them in businesses and homes all over Craig, Hayden and Meeker to deliver high-speed Internet.

The reason for the $1,500 router expense, $2,800/year line charges, and delay is the poor choice of technology by Raftopoulos and her buddies at NCT. Sure, some is grant money but grants run out and the money had to come from a taxpayer, probably you!

Once again poor choices by this BOCC will directly result in Moffat County taxpayers over-paying for services that were over-bought without proper review of technology. I know it's too much to ask but I'm begging Ms. Raftopoulos to start telling the truth to the voters that pay her fat salary and fatter expenses or face the consequences of recall.

Jeff Taylor,

Palm Desert, Calif.

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