Hunters provide needed emergency assistance


To the Editor:

There are so many people I would like to thank for events that have occurred over the past two months.

On a happier note, on Oct. 25, my family and friends hosted a beautiful and fun 80th birthday open house for me. It was great fun to see old schoolmates and people I've worked with and have not seen for many years.

On Nov. 5th, my husband and I were up on "Little Bear Creek" on Black Mountain when he had a heart attack. I needed help. I knew there were hunters in the area. Rand and Don Malueg, father and son, and Gene Stegall from Tigerton, Wis., were in the first vehicle to come by.

The son administered CPR, assisted by his father. After giving directions to 911, the father stayed on the line with the dispatcher until the EMTs arrived.

Thanks to all of you who escorted us from the mountain road to the hospital and I thank the rest of you. You know who you are.

When we reached the hospital, Dr. Crowe and many others met us at the door. Two lady counselors were waiting inside and helped us with our needs, including contacting family members. You were all very much appreciated.

Thanks to Owen Grant and staff and to all who helped with the service and sent beautiful flowers and cards and donations to the 4-H Foundation.

Thanks to the Mite Society, Rebecca Lodge, and the Cowbelles for the delicious lunch and to the many organizations who came in uniform. Hats off to the firemen in uniform and the fire trucks. Earl would have been so pleased.

Thanks to the family, friends and neighbors who brought all the delicious food, did chores and helped gather cows.

Your support, caring, concern and helpfulness were much appreciated.

Florence VanTassel and family,


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