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The Moffat County Emergency Management Office Friday was awarded a Homeland Security Grant in the amount of $273,860 to purchase specifically approved emergency equipment.

The grant proposal was prepared by Clyde Anderson, Moffat County's emergency manager. The award letter arrived as Moffat County is just finishing spending the previous $57,000 Homeland Security grant it received March 1.

Anderson submitted the grant on behalf of ten Moffat County agencies.

In the past, agencies were allowed to submit individual grant requests, but the U.S. Department of Homeland security recently required counties to submit one grant on behalf of all their agencies.

In the future, the Homeland Security grants will be even broader, with regions containing numerous counties submitting joint grants.

The agencies named in the grant include:

  • Moffat County Public Safety Center
  • Moffat County Haz-Mat Team
  • Craig Fire/Rescue
  • The Memorial Hospital
  • The Memorial Hospital EMS
  • Maybell Ambulance
  • Moffat County Office of Emergency Management
  • City of Craig Water Treatment
  • City of Craig Sewer Treatment
  • Moffat County Coroner

The largest line item approved in the grant award is $118,000. It will be used to upgrade communication equipment at the Public Safety Center.

Moffat County Haz-Mat was awarded $50,000 for various equipment purchases, including a thermal imaging camera, hydraulic shoring rams for lifting rubble or collapsed buildings, and numerous spill containment devices and supplies. Craig Fire/Rescue was named as a co-recipient in some of the Haz-Mat grant money.

Anderson said he had asked for the grant to be expedited so he could begin compiling the 2004 grant requests.

"It's hard to know what to ask for in 2004 if you don't know the numbers for 2003," Anderson said.

Anderson had asked for $388,000, but more than $100,000 of that request was not granted.

Still, Anderson said the county will benefit from the substantial award, and likely will be able to fill in the gaps with future grant requests.

"There's a lot of money floating around in Homeland Security," Anderson said.

The county has to complete a request for getting the money issued, which includes an equal opportunity employer statement and some certification forms, Anderson said.

The deadline for spending the newly awarded money is Oct. 31, 2004. In the meantime, Anderson will prepare a grant proposal for 2004 federal fiscal year. That proposal is due Jan. 21.

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