Animal control team deserves commendation, funding


To the Editor:

I am writing to commend Amy Andrews and all those in our city and county that help keep stray and non-restrained dogs off the streets of Craig and throughout Moffat County.

Living in Craig in a neighborhood that three years ago on any give day, you could watch at least 10 to 12 dogs cruise through your yard to defecate on newly planted shrubs and trees, bark at and harass kids as they try to walk between North Park and Kathy Cizar with their sleds, attack and kill a neighbor's 4-H goats and accost you as you tried to walk your own dog around the block.

Amy Andrews and her crew have made a tremendous difference in this neighborhood. Not only can I now sleep in past 5 a.m. because the neighbors are keeping their barking dogs inside rather than shoving them out in the yard when they can't tolerate their own animal any longer, but I am also only picking up a pile of dog crap once in awhile from my front yard and can actually walk my own dog confidently knowing she and I won't be attacked by various dogs that are now finally being restrained by their owners after interacting with law enforcement a few times.

If you live in a neighborhood in which the predominate sound is that of barking rather than the birds singing in the morning, crickets chirping at night or the breeze blowing through the trees, do something about it! Once the dog gets quieted, a chain reaction starts happening through your neighborhood as each person who has to deal with their own animal more responsibly decides that others should also.

I would also like to encourage our public officials to keep funding this valuable work that the animal control team performs in Craig and throughout Moffat County, especially as more of us are striving to increase our levels of physical activity through walking, bicycling, etc. It is important, too, to know that my children can safely travel the streets and sidewalks between home and school each day.

Elisa Shackelton,


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