MCHS Class of '73 comes together


The 30-year reunion for the Moffat County High School class of 1973 went well despite its unpromising beginnings.

"We thought it was too short notice," said Irene Maneotis Kitzman when she started organizing the reunion with a small group of classmates in May. "I started contacting people and asking them whether they wanted a reunion this year or next. They wanted it this year because this is the 30th anniversary."

The reunion started off with a mixer Friday night at the OP Bar and Grille. It continued Saturday night with a dinner and dance held at Beef and Peppers.

"Finding the people," was the hardest part of organizing the event, Kitzman said.

"A lot of people, we don't know where they are at," Kitzman said.

Kitzman said she found many classmates from different places, including New Mexico, Texas and Idaho.

"I spent the most time the last two weeks on the Internet trying to track people down," Kitzman said.

She spent most of her time on, which she said helped her find a large portion of the people who attended.

Of the 105 people that graduated in the 1973 class, around 50 attended the reunion, which was about a 50 percent attendance rate since five people were known to be deceased from the class.

"There is always about 20 people that you just can't find," Kitzman said of the search process.

In the end everything went well and people were happy the event took place.

"Seeing everybody and everybody is so happy that we are together again," Kitzman said of what made the whole event worthwhile for her.

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