Lessons learned the fair way


This week marks the culmination of nearly a year's worth of work put in by members of the Moffat County 4-H program.

These youth have selected livestock, learned responsibility by raising and training those animals and have prepared them for show.

These youth have worked on sewing projects and cooking projects. They've built working model rockets, shaped wood and worked leather.

All have established values and learned practical lessons while doing so, which are the true rewards for their work. But Tuesday night was the first opportunity for those youth to make their lessons public and earn awards for work well done.

Tuesday was 4-H completion day -- a time when all 4-H indoor projects are evaluated and ranked.

To spectators, the day is an opportunity to learn more about the 4-H program.

Those walking through the pavilion this week learn that 4-H is not just about livestock and farming.

It's about tradition, and keeping old skills alive -- people will see that in the quilting and canning displays.

It's about learning to be a leader and a good communicator -- people will see that while watching youth who have to discuss their projects with judges.

It's about finishing what you start -- people will see that when they watch youth leading a steer that they raised from a calf through the show ring.

We applaud the people who make 4-H possible -- extension agents and volunteers -- and we applaud the youth who invest time and effort in a program that will, and does, give them a very worthwhile return.

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