Sex offender's hearing delayed


Hearing an hour's worth of testimony in the case of a sex offender charged with violating probation while living in Kentucky, Judge Michael O'Hara delayed proceedings at the request of the accused man's public defender.

O'Hara -- ruling an attorney for 36-year-old Grant Taylor needed time to prepare for potentially key, unanticipated evidence -- continued Tuesday's hearing to 3 p.m. May 6 in Moffat County District Court.

At issue was an alleged interview between Taylor and probation officer Mason Siedschlaw, conducted after Taylor was booked into the Moffat County Jail on Feb. 15.

During the interview, Siedschlaw Tuesday testified that Taylor admitted to viewing child pornography over the Internet while in Kentucky -- accessing the material on a computer at his mother's home.

Siedschlaw said he asked why Taylor risked the potential probation violation.

"It was just too tempting at the time," Taylor allegedly responded.

Sheryl Uhlmann, Taylor's public defender, said she was unaware of the interview.

"This information was not disclosed to the defense in discovery and would be the only non-hearsay evidence," Uhlmann told the judge.

Taylor was sentenced to 10 years to life probation in a March 2001 after pleading guilty in Moffat County District Court to a charge of sexual assault on a child -- all part of a plea agreement, which recommended no state prison time.

Also part of that deal, Taylor was prohibited from possessing pornography or loitering near schools or other locations "primarily used by children under the age of 18," according to court documents.

Kentucky authorities allege that Taylor was present at a local middle school during a pancake breakfast in January.

Taylor -- at the time on parole following a conviction and 27 month prison sentence for a federal charge of possession of child pornography -- also allegedly told his Kentucky probation officer that he had recently viewed similar material.

Taylor is being held at the Moffat County Jail on $50,000 bond.

He faces up to a life term in prison if found to have violated probation.

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