Light at the end of the tunnel could be a lawsuit


The railroad tracks of the Moffat County Human Resources Department seem to be spiked with good intentions. But the final destination may be way off track.
County officials developed the department after a train wreck of a sexual harassment lawsuit against former Moffat County Sheriff Jeff Corriveau that was settled for $2 million.
Before that situation, the county had no protocol for dealing with lawsuits.
Judging from comments made from county officials this week -- some of whom were in office at the time of the lawsuit -- the county is still riding through that dark tunnel heading for another train wreck.
Red flags were raised at a meeting Tuesday that if the county does not adopt a consistent policy dealing with personnel, more lawsuits could be inevitable.
And one would think such a policy would come from the Human Resources Department.
But Human Resources Department Director Tom Skelding disagrees about the details of his job description.
Moffat County commissioners need to remind him who he works for or ask him if he wants to continue to earn his $56,000 annual salary.
Right now, only employees who work under the Moffat County commissioners have access to the human resources department. More than 50 county employees, who are employed by elected officials other than the commissioners, are impacted by the lack of consistency in the human resources department for all county offices.
It's embarrassing to think that no real progress has been made since the settlement of that lawsuit in 1998.
The Litigation Train is leaving the station with stops at High Insurance Premiums, Lower Morale and Pay Through the Nose.
All aboard?

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