South Americans prepare for Easter holidays


Dear Family and friends:
Here's an update to my last update re: my property. On the ninth visit to the land office, they found I really do own my property and home. I wanted to pay my taxes, but the computer went down. So, on my tenth visit to the land office, I was able to pay my property taxes.
The toilet continues to work, thanks to the super glue!
The women of PG have continued to come in for paps this week and LOTS of questions about women's health. It's been my busiest two weeks at the clinic EVER and all my help is on holiday!
I've had to stay at work after dark and bring laundry home to do (with lots of sterilizing bleach) because of the number of women wanting services. I have to say, that makes me so happy and so fulfilled!
It's the Easter season, which is bigger than Christmas here. Many government offices and private businesses closed at noon today getting ready for Good Friday. Everything will be closed until Tuesday morning.
Tonight was quite special to me. My Jewish friend, Erika, invited me to participate in a Seder dinner.
Four of us participated in the rituals: drinking of wine and eating special foods. Erika and her partner, Fubu, who is a Rastafarian, did the Hebrew readings and we all did the rest of the readings.
I understand the Exodus so much better now. Tomorrow Erika will come with me for the Stations of the Cross, which are spread out throughout the town, which is traditional in Latin America.
Love to all,
Nurse Donna,
Punta Gorda, Belize

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