Curing the health care insurance crisis


The health care insurance situation for small businesses on the Western Slope is enough to make anybody sick -- and people are getting tired of the political shenanigans going on Denver that do nothing to improve the circumstances.

As reported this week, finding affordable health care plans for small businesses in rural areas remains a chief concern for the Craig Chamber of Commerce. But finding acceptable plans that will accept doctors in the area continues to be out of reach.

Business owners and insurance agents look with little hope toward our state leaders who seem to have other interests in mind rather than the estimated 700,000 Coloradoans who do not have coverage.

The Chamber estimates that more than half of Moffat County does not have medical coverage.

Not only is that obviously disconcerting to business owners and those contemplating opening a business here, it also is a drain on county and The Memorial Hospital resources.

This situation should be unacceptable to those who say they represent the people of Moffat County.

We applaud the efforts of the Chamber to come up with a solution to this health care insurance crisis. We urge state Rep. Al White and state Sen. Jack Taylor to take note and act now.

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