United States veterans are entitled to accessible medical treatment in return for their service


To Congressman Scott McInnis:

I am writing you concerning an article on the Opinion page of the Craig Daily Press, dated April 4.

I commend you for trying in any way you can to distance ourselves from France. But more than that, I am in agreement with the entire article.

If it were not for American GIs France and indeed the whole world would be under German and Japanese dictatorships at the present time. For the veterans of that war or any other, the horrors of war don't end when the fighting stops. Their bodies have endured diseases and sickness unknown in the USA, been ripped apart by bullets and flying metal and their minds have gone through hell.

They need attention without any further sacrifices as long as they live. This attention was promised to them when they were needed on the battlefield but as the images of war faded, the politicians have thought health care for the veterans was to high a price to pay for our freedom so they slowly cut these benefits.

A clinic located in Craig that would serve northwestern Colorado, northeastern Utah and southwestern Wyoming certainly would not break the United States. A few thousand dollars a year could not be seen in a budget of $80 billion that was just passed to fight a war that will put more veterans in need of medical treatment.

You are well aware of the driving conditions in this area of the country. When you get to be 70+ years old and in bad health because of a battlefield wound, try to imagine what it is like to drive 150+ miles to get medical attention.

We stand behind the troops while they are on the battlefield preserving our freedoms, why can't we as a nation stand behind these same veterans in there time of need?

A quote from your office, "IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN," is sickening and I am very disappointed that a man of your stature would take this stance against our veterans. That certainly diminishes my respect for you!

Wayne A. Seick,


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