Parents are responsible for educating their children about firearm safety and keeping guns away


To the Editor:

I have some concerns about the article in the April 8 edition of the Craig Daily Press about the 5-year-old boy who brought a loaded .357 Ruger to preschool.

If the boy had access to a weapon of any kind, the parents should be liable. The father forgot he had put it under his seat? How do you forget where your firearm is? Was the ammunition separate, or was it also forgotten under the seat?

Parents need to take responsibility and educate their children. If children are brought up and raised around a firearm they should know to never touch a gun, let alone take it to school.

There are so many ifs. It is scary to think about how many people could have been hurt or killed.

I know kids are curious, but I also know parents need to be more responsible with the storage of firearms, ammunition or any other weapon. Parents and kids need to be educated. There are classes and individuals who are trained to teach such classes. Parents, it is your responsibility to seek this information out for the sake of your children. It could be that one class you take would help save someone's life.

Teresa Stoffle,


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