Resident disappointed at parent's carelessness with loaded gun


To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in reference to Paul Shockley's article concerning a preschooler who brought a .357 revolver to Early Childhood Coalition on Friday.

As a gun owner and parent of a child who goes to the early childhood development center, I am quite concerned. My child could have died on Friday.

Until reading of this incident, I have dropped my kid off for school, never guessing or speculating that my child would come in contact with another child packing a .357 magnum. I am thankful my child was home ill and I am thankful that no one's child was harmed.

The parents of the child made a mistake -- a colossal, stupid mistake which could of ended much worse than it did.

Not only did they place the life of their child at stake, but they also placed the lives of other innocent children and adults at stake.

Certainly, a large percentage of the population in Craig are gun owners. Anti-gun lobbyists will have a field day with the parent's carelessness.

As for legalities -- isn't it illegal to conceal a weapon under the seat of your vehicle? Is there no punishment such a careless act as leaving a loaded .357 magnum in reach of a child should endure?

It is very possible someone could of died. I am disappointed in the degree of carelessness displayed by both the legal course of action and the involved careless parent(s). To the parents: NEVER LEAVE A LOADED WEAPON WHERE A PRESCHOOLER CAN ACCESS IT. YOU COULD LOSE YOUR CHILD AND YOU COULD OF LOST MY CHILD AS WELL!!

Steven P. Walls,


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