What would McInnis want on his tombstone


U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, R-Colo., this week asked the Bush administration to stop making headstones for military veterans from marble bought from a French-owned company.

While war veterans certainly deserve a respectful burial and diplomatic relations between the U.S and France has been tarnished, we believe McInnis is overlooking a much bigger issue that will have much greater consequences regarding our veterans.

Earlier this week, vets from northwest Colorado said they need a clinic closer to home so they don't have to travel 150 miles to get necessary health care. McInnis' office said that isn't going to happen but they will try to maintain the clinics that are currently in operation.

As veterans of the baby boomer generation grow older, they are going to need more health care.

This apparent disregard for more clinics comes on top of drastic budget cuts the federal government wants to make to health care for sick and disabled veterans.

It seems the McInnis is more concerned about what happens to veterans after they die than the condition they're while they are alive.

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