Wedding site options abound in Craig area


Wedding ceremonies can be performed almost anywhere.

Getting hitched has been done under water and under a parachute, but if you are more of a traditionalist, there are several options in Craig.

The options include a church ceremony or a wedding at city- or county-owned facilities.

One difference between a church and a public facility is the pre-wedding requirements.

For a ceremony in most churches, a couple is required to have marriage counseling before the big day.

"We require counseling so we can see where the couple is at in their life," said Pastor Rod Compton of the Calvary Baptist Church. "The process was established to help prepare the couple for their eternal bond."

Marriage counseling also varies in time. The Calvary Baptist Church process requires meetings over three months. At the First Congregational Church UCC of Craig, the counseling process is a once-a-week meeting for three weeks.

As far as costs are concerned, county-owned facilities, such as Shadow Mountain or the Lutrell Barn, the buildings cost a flat fee of $50 a day with a $500 refundable damage deposit.

The rest of the options, from a minister or a justice of the peace, to a polka band or a disk jockey, are up to the couple.

One commonality for all services is the need to plan ahead.

"As soon as they get the known date, they need to reserve the place," said Cynthia Shanahan, the deputy clerk for Moffat County. "There just aren't that many places in Craig, so they get booked up quickly in the busy months."

"If you're making a reservation for a church, make sure that you reserve a church before you send out invitations," said Donna Lougee, the secretary at the First Congregational Church UCC of Craig. "That way, you can know your limits for size and even if that weekend is open at the place of your choice."

Just like the options, charges vary. The Center of Craig, owned by the city, has various charges depending on how much of the ceremony will be at the facility.

Churches have different ways to charge. At Calvary Baptist, the charges depend on if the reception is at the church.

There is no set cost for the minister but an honorarium is traditional.

First Congregational Church charges a flat fee for the ceremony, including the marriage counseling, wedding planners and the reception.

With the different options, all of the coordinators said the most important part in planning for a facility is that the sooner the reservations are made, the easier it is for everybody.

So if you're planning on dancing the funky chicken at the Center of Craig or getting to know each other better under the guidance of a minister, explore options and make the calls early.

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