Craig photographer books year in advance


The most important day of a couple's life is just that -- one day.

But years later, what will remain from that day are the wedding pictures.

That is why Blake Abdella, owner of Pro Image Photography in Craig, said it is important that the bride and groom make photo arrangements well ahead of time, and make sure they find the photographer that will best meet their needs on the special day.

"I've talked to a lot of brides who have said their friends have told them the one thing you don't want to skimp on for your wedding is pictures," he said. "That's all they have for the next 100 years."

Abdella said he usually books weddings about a year in advance, and said couples should not put off contacting a photographer until the last minute.

"When couples are meeting with photographers, it's important they're both present," he said. "The first thing they should notice is the photographer's work."

Important questions to ask include:

n Whether the owner of the studio takes the pictures him or herself, or sends an associate.

n Whether the photographer take mostly posed pictures or candid, journalistic pictures.

n Whether one or two photographers will attend.

n How many pictures the photographer will shoot.

Couples should take the opportunity to study the photographers work and see if it is what they want.

What type of equipment the photographer uses also should be considered, Abdella said.

Some equipment and lenses can cater better to larger portraits, he said.

If people know they will want large pictures, they should address that with the photographer and make sure his or her equipment will produce large, quality images.

People also should tell the photographer what times of the day photographs will be shot and ask whether the photographer will be there before, during and after the ceremony.

It's also important that a couple likes and feels comfortable with the photographer they choose.

"If they offer an engagement session, it's a nice time to meet the photographer," Abdella said.

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