Supporting vets beyond the battlefield


With the nation at war, there is a natural tendency for the home front to support the troops however they possibly can.

But what happens when those service members return?

Veterans service officer Bill Harding said the former military personnel of northwest Colorado must travel more than 150 miles to receive necessary medical care.

He told Moffat County commissioners this week that this nation is basically breaking its promise to those veterans by requiring them to travel so far for treatment.

The Moffat County commissioners rightfully have agreed to support a plan to establish a clinic that would serve veterans of northwest Colorado as well as those of Utah and southern Wyoming.

We agree that the conditions these veterans face is absolutely unacceptable and something must be done. We challenge local government officials and our federal representatives, including U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, to step up to the plate and deliver.

A spokesman for McInnis has told the Craig Daily Press that right now the focus is to maintain the VA facilities that exist and that our representative is not looking to push to open any more new clinics. As the baby boomers who served our country continue to age, critical care will become more urgent and more clinics will be necessary. We urge McInnis to rethink his attitude toward older veterans now and not wait until it becomes a crisis later.

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