Grand Olde West Days gets show of support

Moffat County Fair Board says it will lend a hand to GOWD committee


The Moffat County Fair Board has agreed to combine it's event with Grand Olde West Days if the Grand Olde West Days board agrees to help.

Due to lagging ticket sales and a lack of committee members to organize Grand Olde West Days, GOWD board members recently decided to discontinue the May event, which features a rodeo, concert and several other weekend events.

But instead of just scratching the event, which has been hosted in Craig for 13 years, board members decided to approach the Moffat County Fair Board about combining GOWD with the Moffat County Fair, which runs in August.

At a meeting Tuesday night fair board members made a motion agreeing to take on GOWD, if the GOWD board would assist in the planning of the event.

"The fair board feels it would be a good thing," said fair board President Tinneal Gerber. "We had a lot of discussion on it and we came to the conclusion that we would allow Grand Olde West Days the opportunity to decide. "

The fair board keeps a full schedule just organizing what it has now and would be stretched too thin if it were to take on additional events by itself, Gerber said.

"That was the main concern," Gerber said.

GOWD committee member Bill Leonard, who attended the fair board meeting Tuesday night, said there is "definite support for the idea."

"The Grand Olde West Days board needs to meet so we can decide if that's where we want to go," Leonard said.

He said he understood why the fair board did not want to take on all the Grand Olde West Days events by themselves too much work for too few people.

It was the same reason that the Grand Olde West Days committee did not want to organize the event, he said.

The GOWD committee's decision not continue with the event in March stemmed from other factors as well, he said.

"The last couple of years ticket sales have been down," he said. "It got to a point where we were competing with graduation and people leaving town for Memorial Day Weekend. We were having difficulty finding people willing to help. It was just a few of us trying to put on a major event."

Contributions for this year's Grand Olde West Days were about $19,000, down about $8,000 from past years.

If the Grand Olde West Days committee agrees to help with the planning for the fair and the events are combined, several issues will have to be discussed, said those involved.

Those include what GOWD events will be absorbed by the fair and how funding will be handled if it will be combined or if both groups will continue to handle their own funds. The GOWD committee has a month to discuss what it wants to do before the fair board meets again Oct. 8.

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