Amendment 28 would eat at voter's right to secrecy


To the Editor:

Recent articles on Amendment 28's attempt to repeal voting at polling places omit the most important reason to vote NO on 28.

Article Vll, section 8 of our state constitution specifically guarantees the right to vote by secret ballot. There will be no more secret ballots if Amendment 28 passes. We will be forced to put our ballots inside an envelope and sign our name on the outside. Any government official could open the envelope and see how we voted. If our votes are politically incorrect, our ballots can be tossed in the trash. We won't be there to see it happen.

Because this statute violates the constitution, it will end up in court. Elections using mail ballots only will be in doubt until the case is resolved. If Amendment 28 passes, we may never be able to undo the damage because any ballot issue to repeal 28 would have to use this same fraud-prone election process.

Those who want to mail in absentee ballots may do so now. The rest of us now have a choice, but under Amendment 28 will lose our right to vote in person by secret ballot.

Do we want election outcomes dependent on our notoriously inept post office? Don't take the risk. Defend your precious right to vote. Vote NO on 28.

Carolyn Myers,

Elbert, Colo.

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