Mud slinging at commissioner candidate totally unfounded


To the Editor:

I received a letter from the People for Responsible Government today and was very disturbed that the campaign for one county commissioner seat has stooped to the same level as the senate race.

I checked and there is no group registered at the clerk's office by that political action committee name, so I wondered where this letter originated. This letter was a direct attack at the character of Darryl Steele, and frankly I am offended by the accusations that are contained in the letter.

The first is that Darryl was making a large sum of money off the Maybell Sanitation District on the sewer taps he owns. I know for a fact that in the beginning of the district, many easements and parcels of needed land including a 10-acre plot were traded for sewer taps because no money was available.

A total of 20 taps were traded for the land Darryl owned, and that is not a great deal of money compared to the cost of land. I found no problem in that situation and cannot believe that anyone would try to use such a petty argument to discredit a candidate.

The second item in the letter that was disturbing was about his self-serving attitude in relation to the roping arena. I do not own or ride horses but as long as those who do tolerate old cars and Corvettes, I can do no more than defend their right to have a good arena to use.

I checked this account and found that there was some investigation being done as to the use of grant funds or bonds, which according to my sources, is customary and is the usual starting point for any project that is proposed. I cannot believe that after the election this will be the only agenda Darryl has. He has shared his feelings with many of us about the reason he is running for this office.

I look forward to possibly working with Darryl to see some of the things come to pass that are wanted by members of this community and so I find that this also is again a petty accusation at best.

I have often said that there are three types of people who run for office: Those who craves power, those who have an axe to grind, and those who want to serve their community.

I believe that the third person is the only one you want. No one with that attitude stoops to such a low quality of campaigning.

The final accusation is that Darryl has suffered personal bankruptcy.

I could not substantiate this either. One person told me that they can remember when Darryl had fallen on very hard times but no one could attest to bankruptcy. If you have ever had a hard time in your life, you can relate to this and if you were able to work through those times and come out on the other end victorious you have a much greater respect for someone else who has endured those times. The person that has experienced this will be better able to deal with that problem and help others through that situation. That sounds like a candidate who can help resolve the issues of property tax devaluation and reduced sales tax revenues.

I have heard from many people in our community that I respect who have endorsed Darryl for this office and many of them have worked with him for many years.

I am sorry this race has taken on the same flavor of the state senate race, but thankfully it will all be over soon and we can go about the business of being a well-run community and a good place to live and work and play.

If you will join me in voting for Darryl Steele for the office of Moffat County Commissioner, I think you will be glad you did.

David DeRose,

Craig mayor

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