Amendment 31 gives students, parents choice


To the Editor:

The superiority of Amendment 31, the English language education ballot initiative (which would allow immigrant children to master English at grade level in one year), to Colorado's current bilingual (Spanish-English) education programs, which purport to teach English in three years, is so obvious that even Gully Stanford, who chairs English Plus, declined in a debate with Ron Unz on Sept. 14 to defend the indefensible. Challenged by Unz, he said "I'm not here to defend bilingual education; I'm here to defend choice" (,Campaign 2002, "Got English?," Sept. 14).

Funny that Gully Stanford ignores the obvious fact that Amendment 31 gives Colorado voters a clear choice whether non- or limited-English speaking students should learn English in one year of intensive study, or be allowed to continue learning the language of their home countries (Spanish) while half-heartedly learning English in three years.

Amendment 31 gives Colorado voters a vital CHOICEwhether to continue the current senseless bilingual education programs, or replace them with sheltered English immersion programs in our public schools for non-English speaking children. The right choice is a no-brainer, a simple matter of common sense.

Vote "Yes" on Amendment 31.

Charles L. King,


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