Hockey costs vary with experience


Tape for stick $3

Shin guards $50

Shoulder Pads $100

Hockey Skates $300

Rocketing a puck past the goalie Priceless

Hockey is more than just a puck, stick and goal and the costs to get into the sport are considered high, relative to other sports.

According to, of the five most popular professional sports that children aspire to play basketball, baseball, football, soccer and hockey the latter is the most expensive.

Kevin Oxley, a junior at Moffat County High School has played hockey for eight years. He predicted that after signing up for the traveling team, the costs to play and all his gear is about $2,000.

"After eight years, I've come to buy the top-of-the-line gear," he said. "So my costs are more than a beginner."

Mike Boatright, Craig Youth Hockey Association president, said getting started could be much less expensive.

"You don't need the best gear right away," he said. "I would guess that someone could get started with all the gear they need for about $300-$400."

The following is a list of gear that one might need to play hockey and an estimate of costs according to

Helmet $150

Neck guard $20

Shoulder pads $35-120

Elbow pads $50

Jersey $75

Cup/Supporter/Garter $50

Gloves $100

Shin pads $75

Pants $125

Socks $12

Skates $225-300

Hockey stick $20-100

"You definitely learn to love the game and it helps to put the money down," said Boatright, who has a son playing, a daughter learning to play and two sons that walk around the arena in their older brother's gear anxious to fit into their first pair of skates.

"If you have a large family, you can pass the gear down as well. We've accumulated a lot of gear over the years."

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