Maybell students pay tribute to veterans


Bill Ronis, teacher at Maybell Elementary School, quoted Colin Powell Monday on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

"We must not forget the past," he said during a Veterans' Day ceremony held at the school. "They died so tyranny would die."

The students held a 45-minute Veterans' Day celebration that about 15 family members and friends attended at Maybell

Elementary School.

The nine students marched into the gymnasium bearing Old Glory and wearing hats honoring the different branches of the armed services.

They sang patriotic songs, saluted the veterans present at their celebration and held a moment of silence honoring those who have served in United States wars.

"Why do we celebrate this day at an elementary school?" Ronis, a 20-year member of the Coast Guard, asked those in attendance. "We celebrate this day because we want these kids to understand how important this day is."

To help those students understand the importance of the day, local resident and Korean War veteran Jim Meineke was asked to speak to the students.

Meineke told the audience that he wasn't going to share "old war stories."

"I would like to talk about volunteerism because I would like our children to learn to be volunteers," he told the audience. "Along with our military, our society is run by people who volunteer."

Volunteers in society are what make the United States such a wonderful place to live, he said.

"You never see people trying to get out of America," he said. "We see people trying to get in because they know what we have. We have what we have because of volunteers."

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