Voters reject removal of county term limits


Once an elected official has served two four-year terms, it's time for a change.

That was the message Moffat County voters sent Tuesday in voting down all questions asking for the removal of term limits for five elected county offices.

Voters were asked if they wanted term limits removed for the clerk and recorder, sheriff, treasurer, coroner and assessor.

The questions were rejected as follows: clerk and recorder, 2,470 to 1,915; treasurer, 2,523 to 1,850; assessor, 2,603 to 1,754; and sheriff, 2,682 to 1,690.

The closest question to pass was for county coroner, which was rejected 2,202 to 2,156.

Tuesday's election was the second time voters have turned down the removal of term limits for local officials since they were implemented statewide in 1994.

In 1996, voters rejected the removal of term limits for all county offices, including Moffat County commissioners.

Supporters of placing the question on the ballot this year said a key difference in this year's approach was that the commissioners were not included. However, the different approach brought the same results.

Tim Jantz, chairman of the local Republican Party, said the fact that the coroner question was so much closer to passing than the others indicated that people did consider the questions and did not simply go down the ballot and mark "no."

Jantz said voters have had their say.

"People are saying, 'We appreciate the opportunity to vote but we're telling you, for the last time, no,'" he said.

Jantz brought a resolution forward on behalf of the local Republican Party to place the questions on the ballot.

Party representatives thought the voters had a right to choose, he said.

"People wanted their voices to be heard and said they want officials to listen when they bring a resolution forward," he said. "But the issue

has been rejected and I'm not surprised."

Tim Christensen, chairman of the local Democratic Party, had said he was opposed to the removal of term limits before election day, and said he was not surprised at Tuesday's outcome.

"Most people know there's only so much they want from one politician and then they want someone new," he said after the results were in Tuesday.

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