Steele, Grinstead win county races

Unofficial election results


Unofficial results
(Early voting, absentee ballots, all precincts)
Total votes counted: 4,617

US Senator
Wayne Allard (REP), 2,909 votes
Tom Strickland (DEM), 1,364 votes
Douglas "Dayhorse" Campbell (ACP), 146 votes
Rick Stanley (LIB), 55 votes
John Heckman (COP), 30 votes

U.S. Congressional District 3
Denis Berckefeldt (DEM), 793 votes
Scott McInnis (REP), 3,574 votes
J. Brent Shroyer (LIB), 69 votes
Gary Swing (NLP), 34 votes

Gov./Lieutenant Gov.
Rollie Heath / Bill Thiebaut (DEM), 1,088 votes
Bill Owens / Jane Norton (REP), 3,309 votes
Ronald Forthofer / Dan C. Winters (GRN), 30 votes
Ralph Shnelvar / Desiree Hackett Hickson (LIB), 84 votes

Secretary of State
Donetta Davidson (REP), 3,137 votes
Anthony Martinez (DEM), 1,014 votes
David Aitken (LIB), 116 votes
Clyde J. Harkins (ACP), 90 votes

State Representative, District 57
Al White (REP), 2,621 votes
Terry Carwile (DEM), 1,766 votes
Zane Newitt (ACP), 36 votes
Michael Plylar, LIB), 51 votes

Moffat County Commission, District 3
Darryl Steele(IND), 2,785 votes
Jean Stetson (REP), 1,721 votes

Moffat County Sheriff
Buddy Grinstead (REP) 2,501 votes
Don Kroese, 2,044 votes

Judicial retention
14th Judicial District Court Joel Thompson
Yes: 1,744
No: 2,328
Moffat County Court Judge Mary Lynne James
Yes: 2,807
No: 1,441

Amendment 31 (English Immersion classes)
Yes: 1,766 votes
No: 2,626 votes

Referred measure 1A
Term limits for Moffat County Clerk and Recorder
Yes: 1,915 votes
No: 2,470 votes

Referred measure 1B
Term limits for Moffat County Treasurer
Yes: 1,850 votes
No: 2,523 votes

Referred measure 1C
Term limits for Moffat County County assessor
Yes: 1,754 votes
No: 2,603 votes

Referred measure 1D
Term limits for Moffat County Sheriff
Yes: 1,690 votes
No: 2,682 votes

Referred measure 1E
Term limits for Moffat County County Corner
Yes: 2,156 votes
No: 2,202 votes

Referendum 4A
(property tax increase for water storage, conservation efforts)
Yes: 1,341 votes
No: 2,874 votes

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