Residents rejected issue in past vote

Commission hopes to hear from public on term limits


The Moffat County commissioners will consider a resolution proposed by Moffat County Republican Party Chairman Tim Jantz at a morning meeting Monday that will ask for a ballot initiative in November to remove term limits for all elected county officials except for county commissioners.

Jantz is scheduled to make a presentation regarding the resolution at 10:30 a.m.

The resolution was approved at the recent Republican Party caucus and assembly.

"Hopefully we'll hear some public comment on it," said Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos. "We would like to see people there to discuss it and hear from other elected officials. We have until July 26 to decided if it will be on the ballot so I don't know if we will come to any decisions on Monday."

In 1994 Colorado voters approved an amendment to the Colorado Constitution that limited the number of consecutive terms an elected official could serve.

Moffat County voters approved the amendment by a vote of 2,239 to 879.

Statewide the vote was 554,238 in favor and 531,521 opposed.

But in 1996, Moffat County voters were asked if term limits should be eliminated for the county assessor, clerk and recorder, commissioners, coroner, sheriff and treasurer.

The measure was defeated by a vote of 2,971 to 1,621.

"From my perspective, I think we should put it on the ballot and see what the citizens think even though they've voted it down before," Raftopoulos said. "The public is seeing people who have been in office that have been adversely affected by term limits."

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